Survey: We’re diving into your feedback from the just-finished quarter

You’ve probably noticed that we mention our book survey more and more on our blog. It’s an anonymous survey via which you can give feedback about any of our titles. It’s short, direct, and designed to let you spell out in as much detail as you like what you like and don’t like about a title. (The survey is here: All you need to get started is the book’s ISBN or title.)

Well, this is a short post to tell you that we have gathered all the information you gave us in the survey between January 1, 2010, and March 31, 2010, and we’re scrubbing the data and diving into your feedback. (By scrubbing the data, I mean deleting entries not related to Microsoft Press books. Also, we can’t use survey responses that are incomplete. So, if someone gets through only two questions and quits, we can’t use the entry.) We’re in a steady rhythm now of reviewing your feedback to figure out how we can improve our books for you. We also analyze book bugs, emails sent to our Support team, blog comments, tweets, and Amazon reviews. All of this information about a title is shared with the book’s author(s), the book’s editor, our editorial and production vendors, our cohorts at O’Reilly, and everyone here at Microsoft Press, including our Publisher, Ben Ryan.

Earlier this week you heard from Kimberly Kim about changes we’re making to Developer Training Kits as a result of your feedback. We’ll keep updating you in the future about how your feedback is helping our books evolve. There really is no better way for you to initiate change in our titles than sharing your thoughts in the survey.

Thanks much, everybody, for those thoughts!

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