Ed Wilson: Registration for the 2010 Scripting Games open

The registration for the 2010 Scripting Games, to be held via the TechNet Script Center opens today. Once again, we are partnering with the Windows PowerShell MVP’s and are using their PoshCode script site to upload and to showcase the Scripting Games entries. So how do the 2010 Scripting Games work? Well, I am not going to repeat the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that were published a few weeks ago on the Hey Scripting Guy! Blog. But I will say that you should review the FAQ, and you should definitely review the 2010 Scripting Games Study Guide. Even if you choose not to participate in the 2010 Scripting Games, you should bookmark the 2010 Scripting Games Study Guide—why you may ask? Well, for one thing, I spent nearly two days rounding up study resources for the 2010 Scripting Games (there is more to it than hurting my feelings). This year, I decided to align the 2010 Scripting Games with common scripting tasks. Therefore, the games will test your ability to perform the following kinds of tasks:

  • Work with the Registry

  • Work with the Event Log

  • Work with Text files and folders

  • Work with Environmental Variables

  • Use WMI information

  • Work with Special Folders

In addition, I decided to create events that will challenge certain basic scripting concepts. These concepts include things like the following:

  • Working with Looping techniques

  • Working with Arrays

  • Working with Functions and Subroutines

  • Working with Error Handling

  • Creating a Graphical Scripting Interface

I chose these types of events based on feedback from the 2009 Scripting Games that participants wanted the games to align with more real-life type of scenarios. In addition, I chose the topics based upon common questions I see in the e-mail addressed to Scripter@Microsoft.Com which is where the Microsoft Scripting Guys receive our e-mail from customers. Because these are common tasks, and because these are common problem areas that scripters have in writing scripts, the study guide should prove to be an extremely valuable resource. Interestingly enough, these topics align pretty closely with the chapter organization in my Microsoft Press book, Windows PowerShell 2.0 Best Practices.

Do you want to learn Windows PowerShell? You should enter the 2010 Scripting Games. The Scripting Wife has never written a Windows PowerShell script before in her life, and she is entering.The Scripting Wife will not be eligible for any of the prizes, she is just entering for fun.  The discipline of studying, and of solving 10 scenarios will jump start the learning process in a way you never before imagined you could do. The Beginner scenarios really are for beginners. If you are more experienced, you should consider entering the 2010 Scripting Games and competing in the Advanced division. Once again, the intellectual exercise involved in solving a real life problem will pay great dividends in your learning process. In addition, there is the thrill of seeing one of your scripts gaining the coveted 5 star award, and of even getting to come out on top of the leader board, and winning the 2010 Scripting Games.

No matter which category you choose to enter, no matter whether you choose to write in VBScript or in Windows PowerShell, you will enjoy a strong sense of community. Follow the Scripting Wife’s journey towards learning Windows PowerShell as she begins her preparation to enter the 2010 Scripting Games. You can follow the Scripting Guys on Twitter, and watch for the #2010SG tag, or participate in the special 2010 Scripting Games forum, or hang out with the Scripting Guys on Facebook

How do you register for the 2010 Scripting Games, you simply click the Create Your Profile button on the 2010 Scripting Games site on the PoshCode web site, and sign in  with your Windows Live (or open-ID). You will have to answer three questions … and that is it –it takes less than a minute to do so. You do not need to specify which category you will be competing in, because you are allowed to compete in more than one category, and to supply solutions in both VBScript and in Windows PowerShell. If you see one event that is too easy, or too hard, you can always submit your answer for the other event. If your desire is to be the top contestant, I will guarantee you will have to answer both advanced and beginner events in both VBScript and in Windows PowerShell –and you will have to  win all of the style points as well. Total available points are 200 … It will take a score very close to that sweep the 2010 Scripting Games.

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