Windows Internals is eleven for eleven

Last time we checked, in October, Windows Internals, Fifth Edition (Microsoft Press, 2009), by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon with Alex Ionescu, had received eight for eight 5-star reviews at Amazon. Now the book is up to eleven 5-star reviews out of eleven total reviews.

To see why the book is on this streak, take a look at a sample chapter. Chapter 5, “Processes, Threads, and Jobs,” is available (116 gloriously detailed pages) here. This sample chapter also includes the book’s complete Table of Contents.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the recent reviews, by Richard Sveyda:

There is an awful lot of meat in this book. Some topics you'll want to skip, some you'll want to memorize: but it will put you at the front of the pack, because so much of what you learn is vital to being the best IT professional you can be. =

Excellent, just excellent.

Enjoy, everybody.

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  1. Indeed. Windows Internals and SQL Server 2008 Internals are beyond excellent. Now where’s Exchange Internals? 😉

  2. I followed Mark Russinovich since the times of Sysinternals, and I was very impressed by his competence. The book reflects this deepening.

  3. Luigi Bruno says:

    I started reading Mark Russinovich since "Inside Windows 2000 3rd Edition" and I’m a great fan of his SysInternals tools: no doubt about his knowledge and experience.

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