RTM’d today: Windows 7: The Best of the Official Magazine

9780735626645fWe’re happy to announce that Windows 7: The Best of the Official Magazine (Microsoft Press, 2010; ISBN 9780735626645; 224 pages), by the Editors of the Official Windows Magazine shipped to the printer this week!

This is the ultimate visual guide to the fun, practical ways you can use Windows 7 in everyday life:

Get Started

Chapter 1: Introducing…

· 12 reasons why you’ll love Windows 7

· Get ready: Action stations!

· Interact with the Interface

· Jump Start: The Taskbar and Start Menu

· Hardware help: Device control at your fingertips

· Take note, and get creative: WordPad, Paint and Sticky Notes

Chapter 2 Your first hour

· Introducing Windows 7

· Join the Library

· Start: what’s really on the menu

· Those handy little helpers: desktop gadget


Chapter 3 Staying secure

· Keeping your system safe and secure online

· Stop spyware with Windows Defender

· Prevent hackers with Windows Firewall

· Protecting you and your data

· Using BitLocker

Chapter 4 Parental controls

· Set up your PC so it’s safe for all the family

· Parental Controls

· Using User Accounts to protect your children

Chapter 5 Files & folders

· Prime searching

· Find files quickly and easily

· Exploring the Index

· Do things quicker in Windows 7

· Keyboard shortcuts

· Advanced folder tips

· Never lose a file or photo again

· Create a system image

Chapter 6 Networking

· Set up your network at home in just 10 minutes

· The Network Center

· Share files and more with a home network

· Connect, share and update

· Networking know-how

· Hooking up to a wireless network

· HomeGroup networking

· Move files between your PC and your smartphone

Chapter 7 Media & games

· Organize your photos: Windows Live Photo Gallery

· Enjoying your music with Windows 7

· Create playlists: Windows Media Player

· Your music, how you want it

· Ripping yarns: selecting the right format

· Using Windows DVD Maker

· Home movie show: Windows Live Movie Maker

· Windows Media Center

· Improving the Windows Media Center experience

· Get more from Windows Media Center

· Streaming from your PC to an Xbox 360

· Play great games

· How to fit a graphics card in five easy steps

Chapter 8 Windows applications

· Set up your Windows Live Mail account today

· Make sending emails a pleasure, not a chore

· Getting news and files with newsgroups

· Organize your life with Windows Live Calendar

· Getting the most from Windows Contacts

· Better browsing with Windows 7: Internet Explorer 8

· Tailor your internet connection

· Get internet feeds delivered

· View feeds in Windows Media Center

· Protect your ID with Windows CardSpace

Chapter 9 Mobile computing

· Taking your PC out and about

· Windows Mobility Center

· Battery power: laptop energy management

· Discover the secrets of the tablet PC

· Save time on the move

· Setting up your mobile device

Chapter 10 System tools

· Ensure a smoother, faster PC system

· Windows Experience Index

· Fast and flash: solid state drives

· Windows ReadyBoost

· Top 10 speed boosts

· Cut down on crashes and solve PC problems

· Making the most of System Restore

· Performance and Reliability Monitor

Do More

Chapter 11 Personal projects

· Watch recorded TV on your cell phone

· Use your PC to control your TV

· Go high-definition with Windows 7

· Your high-definition questions

· Make your own cell phone ringtones

· Get fit using your PC

· Create your perfect patch

· Find your family history

· Create a paperless home

Chapter 12 Friends & family

· Make your own must-see movie

· Shoot and share: make more of your photos

· Take the hard work out of homework

· How to get the best grades

· Never forget anything again

· Host the ultimate party

Chapter 13 Work projects

· Create a killer résumé

· Take your office with you

· Childproof your home office

· Personalize your desktop



· Choosing the right edition

· The main editions compared

· Take precautions before you install

· Using Windows Easy Transfer

· Consider the power of your PC

· Installing Windows 7

· Common queries answered

· Keep your PC as good as new



We expect the book to be available via online retailers on February 24, 2010. We’ll post excerpts from the book and much more information about it at that time. You can preorder the book here or here.

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