Nine-year-old boy going for his fifth Microsoft certification

Something lighthearted for the weekend: Check out this Gizmodo article on Markos Calasan. “He's nine years old and lives in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. He's also Microsoft Certified four times over and working on his fifth certificate.”

(Thanks to Kyle VanHemert, the author of the post, who can be reached at

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  1. Do you mean he lives at Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) [as called by the UN – see] or in Greece? It’s a real insult to Greeks and to world history the abuse of the Macedonian name and identity (and a remaining sad cold war joke)

  2. Forgive us, George.  I’ve altered that quote, which came directly from the Gizmodo article.  (And I see Gizmodo has also updated their article.)

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