Free ebook: First Look Microsoft Office 2010

We promised a more permanent home for this free ebook by Katherine Murray: here it is (in XPS) and here it is (in PDF). 14 chapters: dive in and enjoy!

Part I, “Envision the Possibilities,” introduces you to the changes in Office 2010 and shows you how you can make the most of the new features to fit the way you work today. Chapter 1, “Welcome to Office 2010,” gives you a play-by-play introduction to new features; Chapter 2, “Express Yourself Effectively and Efficiently,” details the great feature enhancements and visual effects throughout the applications; and Chapter 3, “Work Anywhere with Office 2010,” explores the flexibility factor by presenting a set of scenarios that enable users to complete their work no matter where their path takes them.

Part II, “Hit the Ground Running,” focuses on each of the Office 2010 applications in turn, spotlighting the key new features and showing how they relate to the whole. These chapters provide a how-to guide for many of the top features you’re likely to use right off the bat, and they offer inspiring ideas on how to get the most from your favorite applications.

Part III, “Next Steps with Office 2010,” zooms up to the big picture and provides examples to help you think through interoperability. How often do you use the various Office applications together? Customer research shows that people often don’t realize how well the applications work together as a complete system—which means they might be laboring over items they could easily incorporate from somewhere else. This part of the book provides examples for integrating the applications and explores Office 2010 security and training opportunities, as well.


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  1. Roger says:

    Doesn’t open correctly on my Mac. Seems to be encrypted?

  2. @home says:

    re:-Doesn’t open correctly on my Mac. Seems to be encrypted?

    Did you download the PDF ?

  3. Roger says:

    re: Did you download the PDF ?

    Yes, several times.

  4. Bob Mueller says:

    Thank you for the information.  Celina,OH is not exactly the center of the web universe. Looking for connections with Scotts Miracle Gro, Research Scientist Regulatory Toxicology. Any help is appreciated.

  5. Dinesh says:


    Can I share this book with readers of my website?

  6. Rev says:

    Now if I could only find a free one of these for Office 2007.

  7. Dinesh, please point readers to our sites. We track downloads of our free ebooks, and download numbers are the only way we can justify free ebooks.  Tracking download numbers from our download center enables us to continue to produce and distribute free ebooks in the future.

  8. How about creating an EPUB version of this, and also posting it here ? I was reading you absolutely wonderful eBook and see that it is a nice overview of the cool new Word features, and I noticed that the PDF version I downloaded from here was created using Adobe InDesign CS4.

    Can I assume that one could save as EPUB from Word 2010 ?

  9. Uzzie says:

    I’ve downloaded and no problem to open it with Adobe Reader 9.0. And it’s a "secured" PDF.



  10. Brian says:

    This is an awesome office being made i like it.

  11. Jim Miley Jr says:

    I, like another reader , could use this for an older version, 2007. I will look at this though because I currently have no books on MS Office at present and I"m certain that it  will still be helpful. Thankfully I live with two ladies who are rather proficient with MS Office.

  12. Bernd Mueller says:

    If you need a free eBook in German.

  13. Bert Wolters says:

    No problem downloading or reading the book here!

    Working on W7 with foxit pdf reader…..

  14. mamun says:

    i want the book please send me my email address.

  15. Ong says:

    Please send me the book to my email address

    Thank you

  16. Dominic Cahill says:

    I like the changes to 2010 and I am looking forward to learning more about what’s on offer from this e-book.

  17. Moha says:

    Please send me the book for Windows to my email address

    Thank you

  18. Lara says:

    Please send me the ebook to my email address

  19. Wilfred Rajagopal says:

    I have just downloaded XPS version of this Office 2010 e Book, after a long search with Bing got tired and changed to Google search on MS Office 2010 Tutorials and bumped across this site.

    Opened the folder after download and glad to see 188 pages of valuable information. Thanks.

  20. Emmanouil says:

    Please send me the ebook to my email address:

  21. κοστασ τσογκασ says:

    i want please and sent to my mail

  22. Brien says:

    For those having trouble opening the PDF on a Mac, have you downloaded Adobe Reader? Often we find that Preview cannot open certain PDF files but Adobe Reader is OK.

  23. Harry says:

    Could you please send me the book at ?

  24. dodul says:

    This book is very nice. You brought it.

  25. kostas says:


  26. irene says:

    can you email it to me…

  27. Ian says:

    LOL, the people saying please send to them? wtf?? You come to the web site, why not just download it?


  28. Bill Chin says:

    YOU give a LIST of FREE eBooks BUT NO LINKAGE…

    You should give a PDF or XPS link…  to these eBooks

  29. sameer says:

    sent this is to my mail id

  30. Sam Vimes says:

    Have the posters who are asking to have the eBook eMailed to them not seen the two links in green, XPS & PDF, at the top of the page to download it?

  31. Jean says:

    Lots about downloading, BUT what about the quality of the content? Is it worth it?

  32. TG says:

    Use the Calibre Ebook creator for ePUB and other formats.

  33. sakis says:


  34. Boris Cuevas says:

    No entiendo bien ingles pero este parece ser un buena libro a ver pues quien me lo copia plis 😛

  35. Shuja says:

    How could I download this ebook ?

  36. Shuja says:

    How & where can I download this ebook ?

    Can someone help, please.

  37. KimSpilker says:

    The link to the free ebook is at the top of the post. Here it is again:…/ebook_Microsoft_Office_2010.pdf

  38. simbu says:

    can see where i download this from? any ideas please?!!?

  39. simbu says:

    can see where i download this from? any ideas please?!!?

  40. Simbu, there are two links in the first sentence of the post: "here it is (in XPS) and here it is (in PDF)."

  41. Diane says:

    The links don't work. You get an error saying server connection reset after waiting several minutes for download. Anyone have any suggestions how to get a copy of this since the links don't work?

  42. Yang says:

    Could you please send me this book? thank you!

  43. Adrija Sen says:

    I want this book. Can you please mail me in this address

  44. mohamed says:

    we done well work

  45. Javier - Peru says:

    Thanks for the book I use Office 2010, because I am in college.

  46. Durga says:


  47. rlynch33 says:

    If you want a 2007 copy email me with your email and I can send you a 2007 copy.

  48. yuwadee says:

    i want the book please send me my email address. and I'm in mainland China. thanks.

  49. Jayesh sheth says:

    Ebook Microsoft reader do not get activated. Server error popups. Is ther Microsoft Offfice 2010 basics in PDF?

  50. Cor says:

    Why are the pics in this book not in color?

  51. IMRAN MALIK says:

    i want the book please send me my email address.

  52. komagum ben says:

    i have liked the book, please send it to my e-mail

  53. 我喜 says:


  54. Rosangela de Aguiar Sartorio/Brasil says:

    Sou estudante e gostaria de ter acesso aos livros disponiveis.

  55. rohit says:

    i want the book please send me my email address.

  56. Abubakarr sesay says:

    I am a new member on this site please can someone show me how to download the free ebook

  57. fady says:

    i want office 2010 program to download

  58. ranjeet kushwaha says:


  59. says:

    I want to download the book name First Look Microsoft Office 2010


    You can download this book using the link above. There are two formats from which to choose.

  61. Paul Massey says:

    I’d like a copy please

  62. otahanov says:


  63. murtada says:

    thanks alot for books

  64. murtada says:

    open correctly on my Mac. Seems to be encrypted?

  65. caroline says:

    will it work on windows 7

    1. Hi Caroline –
      Yes, Office 2010 will work on Windows 7.

  66. mohammed basith khan says:

    I want this book

  67. mohammed basith khan says:

    thanq i want this book

  68. i am happy for this:-
    Microsoft Office 2010, 2016 Or 2017 Book of Guidebook which contains/contents:-
    1. Microsoft Office Word
    2. Microsoft Office PowerPoint
    3. Microsoft Excel
    4. Microsoft Access
    5. Microsoft Outlook
    6. Microsoft Groove
    7. Microsoft Publisher
    8. Microsoft InfoPath
    9. Microsoft One Note etc.
    For Microsoft Office 2007,2010,2016 or 2017.
    Thank you for your kindly help

    1. Please for me this Book in my email ok
      Tank you very much

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