The Microsoft News Center launches! Plus our own contact info

On January 4, Sandra LeDuc, Sr. Managing Editor, on behalf of the Microsoft News Center Team, introduced the Microsoft News Center. Here’s the beginning of her note about the new site’s design and features:

Those of you who have been visitors to the Microsoft PressPass site in the past will notice that we’ve made a few changes.

First, and most obviously, we’ve changed the name from “Microsoft PressPass” to the “Microsoft News Center.” The site is all about news from Microsoft, and is the authoritative place to go if you are looking for the latest company news and views. Since it is in fact Microsoft’s news center we thought that’s just what we should call it.

If you have been a regular visitor to PressPass in the past you’ll find all the same information here on the News Center. You can still access company information like press releases, feature stories, images, speeches, biographies, downloadable video and broadcast footage, and fact sheets.

One of our goals with the News Center is to continue to broaden the range of content we make available. Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see more videos, slide shows and graphics, which we hope you’ll find interesting and useful. We’ve also made this content easy for you to download, share and reuse.

You can keep up with the News Center on Twitter by following (“The official Twitter account for Microsoft Corporate Communications”) or you can subscribe to the News Center RSS feeds to stay up to date. Sandra also encourages you to send your feedback and questions; the team would like to use your feedback to shape future site updates.

A couple of days later Frank Shaw, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications, kicked off the new Microsoft Blog as part of the rollout of the Microsoft News Center:

For the past decade, PressPass has been the official voice of Microsoft to people who are interested in the company. This week, we’re launching a refreshed and renewed version of the site, with a new name (Microsoft News Center) and more content than ever – full details can be found here. As part of the redesign, we are also establishing an official company blog (this one!).

Almost from the inception of blogging, Microsoft has had a large group of passionate and prolific bloggers at the company. Today, nearly all of our major teams have an official blog which serves as the nexus for the conversations that spring up about products, features, issues and news relevant to that group and the audiences who care about it. Because of this, and because of the way we’ve used PressPass, we’ve never established an “official” blog for the company overall.

As we stepped back and started thinking about how PressPass needed to evolve, it became clear that while we now have a great place to put rich media and information about *what* Microsoft and its partners are doing, we also need a place to have conversations about what we *think* and believe, and to offer perspective on what is happening at Microsoft, or in the world of technology more broadly.

The Microsoft Blog can be followed and reached with the same Twitter account and email address as the Microsoft News Center.

In summary, here are the details (with Microsoft Press—that’s us—thrown in for good measure):

Microsoft News Center: or

Microsoft News Center on Twitter:


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The Microsoft Blog:

The Microsoft Blog on Twitter:


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Microsoft Press (the team publishing Microsoft Press books):

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