William Stanek: Happy new year and answers to reader queries

William here. Hope your holiday was a good one, and welcome to 2010!

I’ll keep today’s post short and sweet. Normally, I blog for Microsoft about Windows and Server products, covering everything from Windows 7 to Windows Server to Exchange Server and SQL Server. I also blog for O’Reilly, and mostly about emerging technologies including e-readers, e-books and related topics. You’ll find my Microsoft posts right here on the Microsoft Press blog and my O’Reilly posts on my author page under the Blog link.

By now you’ve heard about Ultimate Control Panel (AKA God Mode). I blogged about this feature and how it works at http://ow.ly/T1Fg with a more detailed follow up at http://ow.ly/TpSr. If you are interested in Ultimate Control Panel (AKA God Mode), I hope you’ll read these posts and if you want to see more, let me know.

For the days ahead, I plan to continue writing within the themes I started last year. I have a few more posts on an interesting networking problem, a few more posts on Windows Media Player 12, and many more posts about Windows 7. I also have some posts about Exchange Server 2010. Beyond that or between these posts, I am open to suggestions. Let me know what you’d like me to write about and I’ll try to cover it.

Also, here are a few answers in response to reader questions and comments regarding an earlier article on Windows Media Player 12 and Windows 7.

Comment/Question from Sean Kearney

Playing DVD movies out of the box was a nice bonus in Windows 7 Ultimate.  Found that out in the airport trying to watch "Star Trek The Animated Series" and finding out it just "worked" without downloading additional software! 😀


Reply/Answer from William


Yes, great and it works perfectly!

Comment/Question from IL

William, thank you. It would be fun to hear from you about DLNA features of WMP12 in-depth.

Reply/Answer from William

Hi IL,

Thanks! I definitely will talk about DLNA in depth in an upcoming post.

Comment/Question from Pascal De Wilde

Hi William

When I play a 3gpp file , I see the video, but without the audio.

What should I do?

Best regards

Reply/Answer from William


Generally, the reason Windows Media Player can't play a file or can't play either the audio or video within the file, is because the required codec isn't installed on your computer. You'll need to ensure the codec used to compress the file is installed on your computer, keeping in mind that some codecs aren't supported.

Comment/Question from Ridwan Salim

Hi William, what is the replacement for "advanced tag editor" found in previous version of WMA? Thanks.

Reply/Answer from William


I'm going to talk about this exactly in an upcoming post. Basically, you need to edit the media information and that's what I'm going to talk about.

Thanks for reading! I hope my posts help you work better and smarter with Windows, Windows Server, and other Microsoft products.

William R. Stanek

williamstanek at aol dot com


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