Author news: Carl Chatfield starts a blog on Project!

Carl Chatfield, coauthor of Microsoft Office Project 2007 Step by Step (Microsoft Press, 2007: ISBN: 9780735623057) and four other books on Project, has launched the ProjHugger blog at ProjHugger is for Microsoft Office Project newbies, enthusiasts, and zealots, and it’s updated each Monday morning. This week’s post is “Hello World,” which begins like this:

I am not the first book author to start a blog. Better late than never. There are many good reasons to blog, but my main interest is to hear back from you, dear reader. I have ideas about Microsoft Project and project management and teams of knowledge workers rattling around in my head, and some of them are worth posting in this format. Some of those posts might be worth your feedback.  Comments are enabled and I will read them all. So let's get started.

Tell Me About Your Childhood

Let me start at 1998. If you worked in the technology industry then, you may remember it as a crazy, go-go era of exponential market growth, huge optimism, frequent IPOs and stock splits. As for me I was a technical writer at Microsoft, where I'd worked mainly on Office applications since 1991. I took a job as a documentation manager for Microsoft Project just after Project 98 had shipped.

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