William Stanek: The Dreaded Printer, Scanner, Fax Installation: Yes or No—The Adventure Continues

William here, continuing what I’d like to call “Adventures in Printer, Scanner, Fax Installation.”

After basic setup and installation of the printer software, the wireless features, and the fax, the All-in-One was good to go and running on Windows 7. Setting up the Fax to PC (digital fax) also provided Scan to PC (digital scan). So there we were with wireless everything. All was good, right?

How did the device documentation do in this case? Pretty good: 4 pages on the basic setup, 12 pages on the wireless setup, and 7 pages on the fax setup. A lot of help, but not always easy to follow.

Missing was a master numbered list (that could have been only 1 glossy page with pictures but would have tied the entire process together). There were lots of procedures, and they weren’t necessarily all connected together in clear fashion. Plus, the actual processes were much simpler than the setup documentation made it seem, as you’ve seen if you’ve followed the process in the previous discussions.

In this case, an additional gotcha was encountered during setup. The software said device installation had failed and the computer needed to be restarted so that the software could be uninstalled. On the support site, the driver page had instructions for what to do if this happened. Normally, that’s a blessing, but this time it was a mixed blessing. The instructions said to use Devices And Printers to complete the installation. In Devices And Printers, you were supposed to click Add A Printer and follow the steps.

The problem is this: Set up installed the printer itself properly along with the wireless and most of the related software. Restarting the computer didn’t actually initiate any uninstall process. It was only the fax/scanner part of the process that had failed. My solution to this was simply to re-run the setup software, and this allowed full installation of the management software and completion of the fax/scanner setup part of the installation process. When this finished, the appropriate printer, fax/scanner devices were available and everything was set up.

However, the All-in-One wasn’t necessarily configured exactly as I’d’ve liked and it certainly wasn’t optimized at this point either. So where and how to do this… Hmm… I’ll dig into that next time.

William R. Stanek

williamstanek at aol dot com


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