Sample chapters: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant

9780735627123f Greetings.  Recently we published William Stanek’s Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant.

In case you missed it in that post, we’d like to point you to two sample chapters from the book that you can download now.

Here are the outlines of the chapters:

Chapter 1 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administration Overview
Exchange Server 2010 and Your Hardware
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Editions
Exchange Server and Windows
    Services for Exchange Server
    Exchange Server Authentication and Security
    Exchange Server Security Groups
Exchange Server and Active Directory
    Understanding How Exchange Stores Information
    Understanding How Exchange Routes Messages
Using the Graphical Administration Tools
Using the Command-Line Administration Tools

Chapter 6 Mailbox Administration
Creating Special-Purpose Mailboxes
    Using Room and Equipment Mailboxes
    Creating Room and Equipment Mailboxes
    Creating Linked Mailboxes
    Creating Forwarding Mailboxes
    Creating Archive Mailboxes
Managing Mailboxes: The Essentials
    Viewing Current Mailbox Size, Message Count, and Last Logon
    Setting Alternate Mailbox Display Names for Multilanguage Environments
    Hiding Mailboxes from Address Lists
    Defining Custom Mailbox Attributes for Address Lists
Moving Mailboxes
    Moving Mailboxes: The Essentials
    Performing Offline Mailbox Moves
    Performing Online Mailbox Moves
    Importing and Exporting Mailbox Data
Configuring Mailbox Delivery Restrictions, Permissions, and Storage Limits
    Setting Message Size Restrictions for Contacts
    Setting Message Size Restrictions on Delivery to and from Individual Mailboxes
    Setting Send and Receive Restrictions for Contacts
    Setting Message Send and Receive Restrictions on Individual Mailboxes
    Permitting Others to Access a Mailbox
    Forwarding E-mail to a New Address
    Setting Storage Restrictions on an Individual Mailbox
    Setting Deleted Item Retention Time on Individual Mailboxes

The sample chapters add up to 74 pages.  Download them as XPS.  Or download them as PDF.


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