Forefront TMG 2010 Administrator’s Companion: A unique reading experience is coming

By the Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 Administrator’s Companion Authors

In March 2008 we got together to brainstorm an idea about this book and from day one we realized that we would have some interesting challenges to overcome, such as chapter rewrites as the product evolved. However we knew that once we fine tuned our chapter design and writing assignments we will have a great content to offer. One of the best parts of this project is that each one of us came from a different personal and technical background. We have all worked with Microsoft Edge technology for long time, Jim and Yuri since Proxy 2.0 and Mohit since ISA 2000. Our skills also were built based on experience in the field from different regions (Jim from USA, Mohit from India, and Yuri from Brazil).

Jim Harrison retired from the US Navy in 1998 and joined the ISA Server Sustained Engineering Team as a QFE tester in January 2003, however his background on Proxy comes way back when Jim was a tester in the Windows Media server team. Mohit Saxena was a Technical lead for Windows Networking Team in Microsoft Bangalore and at that time ISA server was being supported by the EPS Networking Team. Mohit moved to USA in 2007 to work for the ISA Escalation Team at Microsoft Sammamish, WA. Yuri Diogenes used to work for a Microsoft Gold Partner in Brazil as a Support Engineer and in his spare time he was a Professor at a local university. Yuri moved to USA in 2003 to work at Enterprise Platform Support at Microsoft Las Colinas, TX, and moved to ISA Escalation Team in 2007.

After we had been writing for a couple of months, Tom Shinder joined the team as Technical Reviewer. This was the piece of the puzzle that was missing to make this book a really great reading experience. Tom brought his writing experience aligned with his ISA/TMG expertise to the table and made our writing efforts much smoother and consistent. In November 2008 we got together during the TMG Customer Technical Preview Meeting in Seattle where we were able to discuss about how TMG was moving forward as a product and also about the book.

Left to right (Yuri Diogenes, Mohit Saxena, Jim Harrison, and Tom Shinder)

We all shared a common goal in ensuring that the content was as clear and concise as possible. In June 2008 Jim and Yuri launched the Portal Tales from the Edge, to share technical articles for the Forefront Edge Security Community. Later other engineers (including Mohit Saxena) from the Forefront Edge Team also started to contribute to the portal. The authors also worked in other projects together, such as the TMG Malware Inspection article for TechNet Magazine February 2009 issue. We kept ourselves busy and you probably realized by now that we had less hours of sleep throughout those 18 months writing this book.

We traced an important goal right in the beginning: to write a book in which we can share our real-life experiences with edge planning, deployment, and troubleshooting. Because we work on a daily basis supporting ISA Server and Forefront TMG, we knew exactly what the TMG administrator would need to know. Each chapter that we wrote had this vision of bringing our troubleshooting experience to the reader and sharing our own life experience; you will see that in sections called “Real World.”

We typically divided each chapter into three sections so that each author had a chance to contribute his experience and knowledge on that particular subject. This was like having three lead guitars players in a band with Tom acting as the drummer, keeping us all together in time. Make sure to pre-order yours at

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