William Stanek: Intermission: A coming out party

William here. In the spirit of the holidays, I promised my kids I’d do nothing useful this week. To keep this post in the realm of non-work I decided to have an early coming out party. No, not in the tradition of Adam L or Justin T. More in the tradition of the release of something new and fun, and the thing I’d like to celebrate early is the e-era where all things “e” live and give us new options to old-school norms.

I’m talking about the cloud, that ethereal space where products and services live but can’t be touched. I’m talking about the age of e where e-ink, e-readers, and e-books are the norm and not the exception. I’m talking about virtual libraries and other virtualized things that don’t have physical counterparts.

This world of “e” is here and we are at its cusp. So I’d like to ask you, dear reader, what you think about this world of “e”? How are you using “e” technologies? Or what are you planning to do in the “e” space? For example, what are your plans for using Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, or Infrastructure as a Service? Do you have or plan to have a private cloud? Will you use the public cloud or implement a hybrid environment?

In short, tell me what this world of “e” mean to you (or what it will mean to you in the future)?

Your comments posted here and emails are welcome (and hoped for to keep me from doing real work)!

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  1. e-commuting is giving me more time at home with my 3 year old and making me more productive.  I just quit a cube farm job to start working from home full time.  We are fully utilizing the new communication technologies to bring a globally diverse team together to perform our tasks as if we were all in the same room.

  2. Dmitry says:

    For me ‘e’ – is an opportunity to make a lot e

    ‘marketing-honey services to make a lot of money for my family.

    And to give a lot of people on the Earth, for each – personally, a lot of unique sights to understand that they can do MORE for their life and work – more easily and faster.

  3. Kathy says:

    We use salesforce.com and force.com. Also my manager has us looking at Exchange online. ‘e’ to me means choices. Thank you for all the imformative posts btw!

  4. Linda Sanderson says:

    Great articles and informative. I think you make good points about how changing is coming. Cloud computing!? I mean S3 and EC2 are really cool and FBA freaking magic for the small business and maybe even manufacturers. all of these are technological innovations.

  5. Thanks all for the excellent comments!

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