Early reviews for Windows 7 Inside Out


Greetings, everyone. We’d like to point you today to the early Amazon reviews for Windows 7 Inside Out, by Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, and Craig Stinson. Five of them are 5-star reviews and two of them are 4-star reviews, but both of the 4-star reviews are pretty stellar too.  Here’s one of those:

For ALL PEOPLE that want to know the new cool Features of Windows 7 and take best from is pc with windows 7 it's a great book. Don't expect a step by step, but many hints and many tricks to entusiastics.

And here’s the other:

I just scratched the surface, but like what I see. It is much too early to really judge the book. I already know that it tells me more of what I want to know than the other book I bought.

The other reviews are even better. Congratulations to Ed, Carl, and Craig for this initial reception!

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