Windows 7 Resource Kit Unofficial Support Site

In our “New book” post for the Windows 7 Resource Kit, where we shared information about the book as well as excerpts from two chapters, we neglected to mention lead author Mitch Tulloch’s supporting Web site for the book: Windows 7 Resource Kit Unofficial Support Site. Mitch mentioned it in the interview we posted on Friday, but we wanted to make sure to emphasize the site with another post (in case you missed that quick mention).

Mitch describes the site like this:

Here you will find tips, errata and links to the latest resources that can help you plan, deploy, maintain and troubleshoot Windows 7 in mid- and large-sized organizations. Mitch Tulloch was lead author for the Windows 7 Resource Kit (Microsoft Press, 2010) and he maintains this Unofficial Support Site for the benefit of IT professionals around the world.

Mitch organizes the material by chapter. For example, here’s the page related to Chapter 11, “Using Volume Activation.”

By the way, Mitch’s coauthors on the Resource Kit were Tony Northrup, Jerry Honeycutt, Ed Wilson, and the Windows 7 Team at Microsoft.


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  1. Wade Cobb says:

    Tons of information online about books for the Windows 7 Resource Kit. No information on where to get it.

  2. Hi, Wade. You can get the Resource Kit (hard copy or ebook bundle or both) here:…/9780735627000

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