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…to help us make books that better meet your standards:


I know, that sounds like a line. But it’s not. We review your comments in the survey (and the survey is anonymous, by the way) on a quarterly basis. Tell us what you want us to do more of or do differently.

On the back of each of our books, you’ll find an ISBN. The survey begins by asking you for that number. The ISBN ensures that your feedback is correctly linked to the book you’re commenting on. If you don’t have the book on hand, you can find the book’s ISBN by searching for the book in Microsoft Learning’s Learning Catalog or at the sites of online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


EXAMPLE ONLY. Each book has a unique ISBN.

Thank you much!

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  1. David says:

    The book is very usefull, hope to install the software at the end of October.

  2. Pat says:

    Not basic enough One need’s a background on computers This is not for bigginers Tried some app. with no luck

  3. This book is driving me crazy. It is incomplete and much less satisfactory than the book on VB6 by the same author. It seems like it was written in a hurry. There are errors and many less hand-on assignments vs projects written by the author himself. Moreover,almost all projects are copied from the book on VB6. How about a little effort to create new ones? For $40 I expected a little more. It’s a pity that, while so promising, this book is delivering so little. I have to restudy VS 2008 on another book, when and if I finish this one. (I have painfully just completed chapter 13). No offense meant. Thank you for listening. Ugo Carpentieri


  4. I up loaded student/home Office 2007. I use excell and am used to 2003… When I open a new or updated spread sheet in 2007 I don’t get the tool bar I need. I have to go to "file" the tool bar comes up, I make one entry and then the tool bar goes away. So if I want to high-lite 25 different cells I have to open the file 25 times change the 25 cells. There must be a way to keep the tool bar open all the time. I can’t find it in the book and I can’t find it any place in help, or any other normal location. I don’t want to work with ecell this way. Please give me a clue????

  5. This book is one of the worst instructional books I have ever purchased. It does not have the answers to the many questions I have regarding Microsoft Vista. I doubt very much if I will ever purchase a Microsoft Press book in the future. It is poorly written and I am not sure the authors really know what they are talking about. I,also, do not like Windows Vista as an operating system. I have had your Window’s 95, 2000 and XP, and have liked them a great deal. Vista is a travesty as far as I am concerned.

  6. Warren, please go to http://www.microsoft.com/learning/booksurvey to take our survey so that we know which book you’re talking about.  You can enter the book’s title or ISBN.   Thank you!

    And Ugo, would you be willing to fill out our survey about Mike Halvorson’s book too?  Survey-generated data really helps us capture our customers’ feelings about a title and allows us to compare editions of a title, compare titles against each other, and so on.  So, thanks for your feedback here, but filling out the survey is the best way to tell us what you think of a particular title.  Thanks.

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