RTM’d today: Windows 7 Resource Kit


We’re happy to announce that Windows 7 Resource Kit (Microsoft Press, 2010; ISBN: 9780735627000; 1,760 pages), by Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northup, and Jerry Honeycutt, shipped to the printer today!

This extensive resource contains 32 chapters, an appendix, and a glossary:

Part I Overview
Chapter 1 Overview of Windows 7 Improvements 3
Chapter 2 Security in Windows 737

Part II Deployment
Chapter 3 Deployment Platform 85
Chapter 4 Planning Deployment 113
Chapter 5 Testing Application Compatibility 139
Chapter 6 Developing Disk Images 179
Chapter 7 Migrating User State Data 223
Chapter 8 Deploying Applications 247
Chapter 9 Preparing Windows PE    273
Chapter 10 Configuring Windows Deployment Services 293
Chapter 11 Using Volume Activation 335
Chapter 12 Deploying with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 355

Part III Desktop Management
Chapter 13 Overview of Management Tools 383
Chapter 14 Managing the Desktop Environment 481
Chapter 15 Managing Users and User Data 531
Chapter 16 Managing Disks and File Systems 611
Chapter 17 Managing Devices and Services 679
Chapter 18 Managing Printing 761
Chapter 19 Managing Search 821
Chapter 20 Managing Windows Internet Explorer 885

Part IV    Desktop Maintenance
Chapter 21 Maintaining Desktop Health 935
Chapter 22 Supporting Users with Remote Assistance 1035
Chapter 23 Managing Software Updates 1079
Chapter 24 Managing Client Protection 1119

Part V    Networking
Chapter 25 Configuring Windows Networking 1167
Chapter 26 Configuring Windows Firewall and IPsec 1227
Chapter 27 Connecting Remote Users and Networks 1293
Chapter 28 Deploying IPv6 1371

Part Vi    Troubleshooting
Chapter 29 Configuring Startup and Troubleshooting Startup Issues 1419
Chapter 30 Troubleshooting Hardware, Driver, and Disk Issues 1473
Chapter 31 Troubleshooting Network Issues 1521
Chapter 32 Troubleshooting Stop Messages 1587

Appendix 1637
Glossary 1651
Index 1667

We expect the book to be available via online retailers on October 7, 2009. We’ll post excerpts from the book and much more information about it at that time. You can preorder the book here or here.

Comments (12)
  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Great to hear that the book has been released.  Does that mean that the Resource Kit tools are also available on the web?

  2. Hey Mitch and Tony,

    Congratulations on the book! Great to hear it’s been released. Sure it’s going to be another great one.

  3. Mark, it looks like the tools will be on the Web by the end of the week.  Please check again then. Thanks!

  4. someone says:

    At the time of release of the Windows Vista resource kit, there was a giveaway of 15 or 10 copies on the Windows team blog. Will there be again? 😉

  5. someone says:

    Btw will the tools be available freely on the web? The Windows Vista resource kit tools were never made available on the Download Center.

  6. Kamlesh says:

    I had purchased Vista Resource Kit and have not opened it yet.  Its still in packed condition.  Is there anyway to exchange the same and get Windows 7 Resource Kit?

  7. KimSpilker says:

    Regarding the comment asking about give-aways:

    No, we don’t have plans to give away Windows 7 Resource Kit copies. However, sometimes other groups at Microsoft, such as the folks who run the Windows team blog, may use their marketing funds to give away copies.

  8. KimSpilker says:

    Regarding question about exchanging Vista Resource Kit with Windows 7 Resource Kit —

    You can try to return your unopened Vista Resource Kit to the store where you purchased it and ask if they will allow you to exchange it for the new Windows 7 Resource Kit.

    Our accounts handle all sales of our books. It’s up to each store how to handle such requests.

    -Kim Spilker, marketing

  9. DavidM says:

    Hey Guys,  I just saw where the Windows 7 Resource Kit has been releases but can not get it in the book stores.  Called Barnes & Noble and they just said they can’t order it.  Any ideas?????

    David J. Mihalcoe

    Richmond Police Department

    Computer Services

  10. Richard says:

    "it looks like the tools will be on the Web by the end of the week"

    Which week was that? Your comment was seven weeks ago, and there’s still no sign of them on the download center.

  11. Sn3akyP3t3 says:

    Leave it to M$ to make tools difficult to acquire without blowing $ out the door!  Neither Vista nor 7 resource kits are easy to find if at all for regular searching users.  BTW M$, don't think the public is fooled by Win 7 being just a candied version of Vista and repackaging it to sell again as retail new version product.  Terrible business practice that will return to haunt you!

  12. sangeeta says:


    I need the Windows Resourse kit for Managing SNMP Service for Windows Server 2008…

    please reply me if anybody knows it

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