Sneak preview: Windows 7 Inside Out, Foreword by Steven Sinofsky, President Windows Division, Microsoft Corporation

As we countdown to the release of Windows 7 and the release of our early Windows 7 titles, and the enthusiasm for this operating system starts to build, we thought we’d preview the Foreword for Windows 7 Inside Out, by Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, and Craig Stinson. Look for an excerpt and the Table of Contents to follow as soon as the book is available in print at the end of this month.


Individually and collectively, the three authors who wrote Windows 7 Inside Out have been working with Windows for as long as many of the most senior developers at Microsoft. Ed, Carl, and Craig focus on Windows from a unique perspective—they are experts and enthusiasts who want to share their expertise and enthusiasm with you.

With Windows 7, our development team was dedicated to building a brand new release of the OS while also making sure your investments in hardware and software are effectively brought forward. We took a deliberate approach to building new features, refining existing features, and making sure at every step we were true to our goals of delivering an awesome release of Windows. Ed, Carl, and Craig do an awesome job of providing readers with the ins and outs of the full range of features of Windows 7, which will help you to get the most out of the product.

As we engineered Windows 7, we opened a dialog with a broad community of enthusiasts on our Engineering Windows 7 blog ( Through this blog, we discussed the engineering side of building Windows 7—from the bottom up, so to speak. We know that for many, these topics were interesting as Windows 7 was being developed. Through the blog and through all of our forms of learning as we developed Windows 7, we were asked many questions not just about the “how” but about the “why” of features. We offered our insights from the product development perspective. With their unique perspective, few are more qualified to offer further explanations of the ins and outs of Windows 7 than the authors of Windows 7 Inside Out.

With Windows 7 now in the hands of customers around the world, our collective interests turn to making the most of Windows 7. I know from 15 years of following the work of Ed, Carl, and Craig that they have the same commitment to delivering real-world advice from a perspective that is grounded in experience and knowledge of how Windows works. Over the years, they’ve met with many teams here in Redmond to talk about Windows and how they can help you, our shared customers and readers, be more productive. I hope you enjoy Windows 7 Inside Out.

Steven Sinofsky
President, Windows Division
Microsoft Corporation

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