Wondering what skills are needed in the market?

We've talking a lot about careers and job skills around here lately. I was searching around the Web the other day and came upon a freelance work site that advertises for specific jobs by skills.The number of jobs posted according to technology skills was interesting and I thought I'd share it with all of you. Elance.com is a site where employers can post jobs and contractors can bid on them. If you'd like to know what kinds of projects companies need, this is a great place to browse. If you've been thinking about gaining new skills, sites like this might help you decide where to focus your learning. Here's a partial snapshot from the other day:

Technology # of projects
Graphic Design 12052
Photoshop 11809
PHP 11662
SQL 11302
Illustrator 9757
.NET 8930
HTML 8908
Java 8621
C 8465
MySQL 7874
CSS 7386
ASP 7011
Flash 6392
JavaScript 6234
ASP.NET 5648
AJAX 5455
SQL Server 5261
Animation 4390
Windows 4270

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  1. Lori5150 says:

    The job market is not fun.   I graduated with a marketing degree 15 years ago and well…

    It was fun for a while, I am putting my skills to good use and learning as much as I can.  I am very surprised to see that Photoshop is in such high demand.  I thought everybody and their little brother used that for fun.  Go figure!



  2. Kim Spilker says:

    Looks like you put your marketing degree to work! I took a peek at your catalog site.

    Did you look at the specific jobs on the site? Those are really interesting. Some sound pretty easy to do.

    Being the marketing manager for the Microsoft Press books, I study the book market a lot, and Photoshop is still very strong in book sales. You’re right – I thought it would be mostly a consumer app at this point, but I think professional photographers have created a demand for people who can clean up and organize digital assets.

    Thanks for commenting!

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