Available: Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers

Introducing Windows® 7 for DevelopersGreetings! Yochay Kiriaty, coauthor of Microsoft Press’s upcoming Introducing Windows 7 for Developers, posted on the Windows Team blog yesterday: “Windows 7 RTM – Go Get It.” In that post, Yochay pointed to various resources related to Windows 7, including an updated Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers:

New Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers - Get it NOW!

To help you get your application on Windows 7 as soon as possible, we updated the Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers for the RTM version and gave it a new look and better functionality. You can still find all existing topics such as: Taskbar, Sensor and Location, Libraries and Shell, DirectX, Multi-touch, Ribbon, etc. No dev was left behind! The kit is built for both native Win32 C++ developers and .NET developers, so now most topics have multiple labs.We also added 6 new Application Compatibility labs: Version Checking, Data Redirection, UIPI, Installer Detection, Session 0 Isolation, and High DPI, to help you get over the most common application compatibility issues. All the topics in the training kit include additional information like whitepapers, links to MSDN, and links to videos from Channel 9.

Just wanted to make sure you heard about the updated Training Kit.

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