Author news: New MSBuild video by Sayed Hashimi


Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi is the co-author of the much-praised book Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build (Microsoft Press, 2009; ISBN: 9780735626287; 432 pages).

dnrTV has just released an extremely detailed video in which Sayed introduces and steps through the functionality of MSBuild. The video is 50 minutes, 21 seconds, and dnrTV’s host suggests that Sayed come back a couple more times, so we’ll let you know when that happens.

dnrTV introduces the vid like this: “Sayed Hashimi makes his dnrTV debut talking about MSBuild. Sayed gives us the background, basics and some details on how MSBuild can rapidly decrease your time to market.”

I chuckled when Sayed described his family’s long-time tradition of naming sons “Sayed.” His brother has three sons, so the family has recently gone from five Sayed Hashimis to eight!

About Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi; William Bartholomew

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi is a consultant, trainer, and senior software developer who has designed large-scale, distributed applications using a variety of programming languages and platforms, including Microsoft .NET, C++, and Java. This is his second book on MSBuild. William Bartholomew is a software engineer, vice president of the Australia-based Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) User Group, and a developer productivity specialist who focuses on education, processes, and tools for developers and VSTS.

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  1. Mike Parks says:

    Thanks! 🙂 I’ve bought this book a few weeks ago and I was hoping Sayed would make a few videos on this.  

    – Mike

  2. LOL, yeah the naming situation can be confusing at times. It’s a family tradition that has gone back several hundered years.

    Just to be accurate I have 3 brothers each of which have 1 son and 2 of which have 2 daughters. I don’t want my one brother (Sayed Y) to get all the credit 🙂

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