Author news: A shout-out to Eric Brechner!

Normally on the first Tuesday of each month we post a podcast by I. M. Wright (AKA Eric Brechner, Director of Development Excellence in Microsoft’s Engineering Excellence group). (Use our blog’s “I. M. Wright” tag to find the 12 podcasts we’ve already published.) But Eric’s away at the moment, as described in his August 1 2009 blog post duplicated below, and Microsoft Press would simply like to wish Eric and his wife a very happy 20th wedding anniversary! Congratulations!

20 years together

Published 01 August 09 07:00 AM | ericbrec

Eric Aside
It's my 20th Wedding Anniversary. My wife and I are celebrating in the San Francisco Bay area, where we first started living together a few blinks of an eye ago. We'll watch a ball game, see some sites, and visit Tesla Motors to check out a model of the sedan we ordered.

Long time readers know that I ordered a Tesla Roadster years ago as part of my mid-life self-indulgence. It arrived in March this year and I am so loving it. It's a great car and a lot of fun to drive. My wife and I have been so impressed by Tesla's nearly flawless delivery of this v1.0 car that we immediately put money down on a sedan for her. Good times.

If you’re interested, Tesla Motors is here. Eric, I’m looking forward to a spin in the Roadster! Heck, I’d even borrow it for a weekend. 🙂

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