Creating Dynamic Charts for Your Reports and Presentations Using Excel 2007

Many people find themselves having to present data – whether via presentation or a report, visually. This means tables and often charts. Reinhold Scheck’s book, Create Dynamic Charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Beyond, focuses specifically on working with data and charts in Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

Reinhold Scheck is a data solutions expert who developed the dynamic charts methodology described in this book. As a consultant and educator, Scheck helps organizations maximize their impact and effectiveness with Microsoft Excel. He’s written four books and designed and delivered training seminars across Europe.

The book and CD include more than 150 sample, customizable charts for a variety of business scenarios, helpful worksheets, and various job aids, along with a fully searchable e-book.

  • Learn how your design decisions affect perception and comprehension

  • Match the right chart type to your communication objective

  • Visualize—then build—your solution using the Reinhold’s five-step approach

  • Apply the science of color to make the right things pop

  • Add controls—such as drop-down lists and scroll bars—without coding

  • Use conditional formatting to dynamically highlight and analyze data

  • Use charts to present data in ways that work for your target audience

Book excerpt:

image image


This book is a great resource – a combination reference and very hands-on how-to – whether you work in trade and commerce, education and academia, marketing and media, professional services, and the public sector.

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