Author news: Sara Ford starts another series

Greetings, all! Sara Ford started her blog in January 2004 and at some point began an incredibly helpful series of 382 tips related to Visual Studio. Sara’s tip about how to start the System Information application in Visual Studio without using the command prompt (if you don’t remember “msinfo32.exe”) ended that series in December 2009.

Then, understandably, Sara didn’t write any tips for a while. She finished creating a book with Microsoft Press, attended CodeMash 2009, came over to Microsoft Press for lunch, and, for Sara, generally took it easy. 🙂

Then, guess what, in March Sara began a new series of tips: her CodePlex Tips. This is just a post to say that Sara has now posted 43 tips related to, Microsoft’s project hosting site for open source software. The most recent one tells you how to view stats for the entire lifetime of a CodePlex project.

And we’d like to remind you too that sales of Sara’s book, Microsoft Visual Studio Tips: 251 Ways to Improve Your Productivity (Microsoft Press, 2008), raise scholarship money for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Foundation. Sara’s hometown in Mississippi was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and the book is part of her attempt to help her home state recover. 


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