Author news: Sayed & William are now nine for nine

If you follow our blog, you know that we’ve been tracking response to Sayed Hashimi and William Bartholomew’s Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build (Microsoft Press, 2009) and that the guys have been getting great reviews for the book.

The book’s ninth review on Amazon, posted on Friday, is another 5-star review, and it’s worth reading in its entirety:

The missing MSBuild manual

I'm a developer on MSBuild; Sayed wrote this book with our encouragement, and we reviewed it for accuracy and completeness, so I can recommend it. The documentation for MSBuild in 2.0 and 3.5 was not great; I consider this something like the missing manual. Unfortunately there aren't many other MSBuild books; fortunately Sayed did a good job on this one.

We're fixing a lot of what's "missing" in MSBuild in the upcoming version 4.0 -- I hope Sayed can do a 2nd edition when that comes out. Plus, our docs should be better then 🙂

Dan Moseley

Much thanks to Dan, a senior SDE at Microsoft, for his direct assessment and kind words. We’re glad you’re pleased with the book, Dan.


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