New book: 2007 Microsoft Office System and Your Windows-Based PC: A Real-Life Guide to Getting More Done is now available!

This colorful, magazine-sized guide will help you explore the practical, fun, and creative things you can do right now with Microsoft Office with expert guidance from the team at Windows Vista: The Official Magazine. This guide comes packed with smart-and-simple tips and vibrantly illustrated how-to’s on everything from setting up your PC, getting started with Office programs and features, and putting it all together with cool project ideas for business, school, and home. Topics include getting organized, communicating and collaborating online, preparing presentations, creating graphs and charts, writing and presenting reports, planning and budgeting, blogging, going mobile, and more!


Get Started
New to Windows Vista? Never opened an Office document? Then this is your starting point. Set up the operating system exactly how you want it and familiarize yourself with the top features of the 2007 Office suite. It doesn’t take long to feel right at home…

Once you’ve had a good look around, you’ll be itching to find out more! In this section, you’ll find an in-depth look at how Windows Vista and the Office suite can make every aspect of your life more organized and, in turn, more constructive, whether you’re using your PC for work or leisure.

Do More
Now you’ve conversant with the workings of Windows Vista, and acquainted with the flexibility and power of the Office programs, it’s time to launch into some projects. From working on the move to discovering creative talents, this is where things get productive – and fun!


You can find a copy of the book here or here.


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  1. Jean Lowery says:

    could you please tell me how, if possible, I can delete my old microsoft office 2000 program when I don’t have my disk nor the product key info anymore? let a friend use my disk and of course they didn’t take care of it. Now since I have office 2003 and want to get office 2007 I need to free up space and didn’t know I would need my disk  to uninstall the program, as I found out when I went to add/remove programs. Any suggestions. Really need to remove it since I don’t use it anymore.

    I’m using a Windows XP PC also have a Vista PC but program is on the XP. Jean

  2. Googler says:

    Jean, Google:  uninstall office 2000 manually

  3. Sandra Haynes says:

    Jean — In Windows XP…

    Click the Start button, click Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs. In the list that appears, search for Microsoft Office 2000, click on the program name, and then click Remove. If the program is installed on your computer, it should show up in this list.

    Hope that helps.

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