Ed Wilson: Scripting Games update

The 2009 summer scripting games are nearly half over at the script center: www.scriptingGuys.com, or still have half to go depending on your perspective. They have been absolutely awesome regardless of your disposition. I have enjoyed reading over the scripts submitted by the participants, as well as those written by the guest commentators. It has been an excellent learning opportunity and I feel my skills have improved during the process. In fact, I used a new technique I learned during the scripting games yesterday to answer a question I received via Scripter@Microsoft.Com.

We are in the process of recruiting new moderators for the Official Scripting Guys forum. The cool thing is the number of people who are willing to take the time to help other people learn often confusing task of scripting. This is the thing that makes the IT Profession unique, the feeling of community, and the willingness to keep plugging away far into the night. In general, I believe IT Pros work more hours than about any other group of professionals. You do not see accountants buying books on Excel and staying up to all hours of the night trying to get an Excel macro to work just so. You do not see crane operators bring home the big rig, or setting up a big rig in the back yard so they can practice their skills? While there are certainly forums and email lists for other professions, none are as robust as the ones in the IT community. Try finding a personal blog written by a plumber that covers all the plumbing repairs you can do by yourself! You may find such a beast, but typically it is run by a home hardware center, or a do it yourself magazine.

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