I. M. Wright podcast: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”

“We're closing in on midyear career discussions again. It's time to place your hopes and humility in the hands of your hierarchy. I still haven't recovered from the amputation of our midyear ratings, which allowed managers to send messages and employees to salvage careers after a temporary setback. They've been replaced with a time-consuming CareerCompass that contributes complexity and confusion instead of context and clarity.

Eric Aside

CareerCompass is an internal Web application that allows employees to assess their competencies and skills against standards for their career stage. Managers and selected peers can also assess employees through the tool. It's a nice idea, but the first version was a less than ideal implementation.”

That’s the beginning of I. M.’s post and podcast from December 2007, which we’re happy to share today from the archives.

You can find the podcast here.

If you enjoy this column or podcast, you might enjoy I. M. Wright’s “Hard Code” (Microsoft Press, 2008), which includes 49 columns and numerous Eric Asides contextualizing I. M.’s thoughts. (Eric Brechner is Director of Development Excellence in Microsoft’s Engineering Excellence group.)

A new podcast by I. M. Wright is coming the first week of July.

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