Ed Wilson: The Scripting Games are Afoot

As the author of five scripting books for Microsoft Press, I am very concerned about opportunities to learn scripting. As the Microsoft Scripting Guy, I take pride in announcing the Scripting Games.

The Microsoft Script Center Summer Scripting Games 2009 began unveiling events yesterday. This year, there are 10 events with both a beginner and an advanced category. Participants can submit scripts in VBScript or in Windows PowerShell. They are also welcome to submit scripts for all events in all categories.

This year, the scripting games are about learning, not competition, and therefore everyone is encouraged to participate. In keeping with the learning aspect of the scripting games, we have partnered with the Microsoft MVP’s at PowerShellCommunity.org. This will broaden our outreach to the Windows PowerShell community and heighten participation.

One significant feature this year, is the inclusion of 40 guest commentators. Please feel free to submit your entries (no registration is required).

Here is the Scripting Games overview.

Here is how you submit scripts.

Here is a link to the PoshCode code gallery that is being used by Scripting Games.

Here is a link to the Scripting Games support forum.

Here is a link to the Scripting Guys on Twitter.

The Summer Scripting Games actually kick off June 15, 2009 and run for two weeks. The events are revealed one prior to the actually games. On June 15,2009 the first round of guest commentators reveal their solutions.

The first two events have now been revealed. They are listed here.

The 100 meter dash

The Long Jump

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