Windows Vista Plain & Simple Guide to Helping Friends & Family

If you find yourself regularly helping friends and family get up and running on their PCs, or if you’re buying a new computer for yourself or a family member, there’s an easy, colorful, two-book kit designed for you.

Filled with tips and tricks to make it easy for you--or the new user you're helping--to set up and use a new Windows Vista-powered PC. This kit comes with two great resources: The WINDOWS VISTA PLAIN & SIMPLE GUIDE TO HELPING FRIENDS & FAMILY. You’ll find answers the most common questions and how-to's related to selecting, setting up, and running a new PC. It uses real-world analogies to explain basic computing concepts and offers helpful techniques, support sidebars, Web site suggestions, and more. You also get the popular WINDOWS VISTA PLAIN & SIMPLE book--the easy, colorful, SEE-HOW guide to getting things done with Windows Vista. Topics include running programs and gadgets, browsing the Web, burning CDs, organizing photos and music, playing games, troubleshooting, and other everyday tasks and topics. Each book offers practical examples and troubleshooting tips for the basic tasks most new users want to do right away.

Here’s a high-level view of the table of contents.

Helping Friends and Family with Computing Basics
Getting a New Computer
Getting Started Online
Reading and Sending E-Mail
Viewing, Saving, and Working with Photos
Playing Music and Movies
Shopping Online
Playing Games


You can find the book here or here.

Comments (2)
  1. Phil says:

    Here is a little tip for Microsoft: This book should be given for free to anyone that is interested in helping friend and family with Vista. We are your advocates. Why should we have to pay in order to help you all out?

  2. ronald101 says:

    If one more person asks me to help them set up their new computer I am going to buy this guide and give it to them.

    Its really not that hard.

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