Still alive and kicking

We just heard from our friends at MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine about a flurry of rumors making the rounds. In the interest of setting the record straight, we’d like to paraphrase Mark Twain. Reports of the demise of these two magazines have been greatly exaggerated.

msdn_cover                technet_cover

Our friends assure us that MSDN Magazine and TechNet Magazine are continuing in their current forms as monthly print magazines and websites. So expect the same high-quality content from the same community of expert contributors. In fact, many of our Microsoft Press authors also write articles for the magazines. And I don’t have to remind you that subscriptions to MSDN and TechNet make great Mother’s Day gifts!

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  1. Mark Holmes says:

    Glad to hear MSDN will still live on.  It’s one of the best monthly Microsoft resources around.  I’ve learned quite a few tricks from MSDN and even become interested in branching into different technologies as a result.  I prefer the current paper format over a digital format.  In five years, maybe then I’ll switch to digital.  The reader hardware isn’t ready yet.

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