SQL Server Reporting Services Step by Step: What’s new for 2008?

Several readers have asked us about the differences between the new 2008 versions of our SQL Server books and the previous 2005 editions. The general answer is that we always add extensive coverage of any new features. We also do a thorough housecleaning of the previous edition to make sure content that stays true from one version to the next is comprehensive and accurate.


For a more specific reply, we asked Stacia Misner, author of the new Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Step by Step, and co-author of the 2005 edition. She sent a few bullet points on the 2008 v. 2005 issue:

  • The 2008 edition covers SharePoint integration, including installation, report deployment, and management.
  • Many aspects of the user interface in the report designer and the dialog boxes have changed, so the new edition helps you learn how to work effectively with the new interface.
  • Similarly, management features have changed or have been relocated, so you learn where to go to perform specific management tasks and also learn about new management features.
  • The visualization features are all new.
  • The 2008 edition is completely rewritten and includes many new tips and insights to help you make even better use of SQL Server Reporting Services.

To keep up to date on Reporting Services, and other SQL BI technologies, it’s well worth a visit to Stacia's blog.

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  1. Hi I recently purchased the 2005 edition of this book and am having problems restoring the sample database.  I have Windows XP Professional SP2 for my operating system.  Is there some place to get support for this?

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