In the Trenches with Microsoft Office Project 2007

We’ve got a great series of titles specifically focused on using Microsoft Office Project. One of the newest titles to the list is In the Trenches with Microsoft Office Project 2007, by Elaine J. Marmel. This book is for everyone who has been in the trenches and needed to make tradeoffs and decisions to make a project successful.

Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction.

This book helps you use Project in project management situations. It helps you select actions to take, given a particular set of circumstances. And it shows you the results of those actions, helping you to make the right choices for your situation. Will this book solve all of your problems? No. But in cases where it doesn’t, it hopefully will help you find the answers you need to make your project a success.

This book starts by focusing on the process you use when creating a project plan and then examines reviewing that plan while still in the planning phase. The book then examines ways to manage the project while it’s in progress and looks at options available to you when things don’t go as planned.

Part 1, “Defining Your Project,” reviews the process of creating a project plan in Project and the impact associated with the choices you make.

Part 2, “Working Out the Kinks,” helps you find the best way to look at the project plan you’ve developed, resolve resource conflicts, deal with the project’s budget implications, and tackle scheduling issues.

Part 3, “Setting Up Your Infrastructure,” helps you focus on how you’re going to manage the project once it starts.


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