Windows Internals: Now with more content!

First things first: we’re still on track to ship in late May for our publication date of June 17. (Availability via online retailers trails that by about a week.)

Also, in case you haven’t noticed in online descriptions, Windows Internals, Fifth Edition, by Mark Russinovich, David Solomon, and Alex Ionescu (Microsoft Press, 2009), will be significantly longer than Windows Internals, Fourth Edition. The fourth edition was 976 pages and the fifth edition will be 1264 or 1280 pages, so the book will contain either 29.5% or 31% more content. 🙂

In other words, the authors are not only significantly revising but also significantly expanding this classic. Windows Internals, now more than ever, is the key text for understanding the Windows kernel.

Preorder the book here or here. And read some reviews of the book’s previous edition.



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