Taking Your Presentations Beyond Bullet Points…Online E-Lessons Weekly

Cliff Atkinson, author of the Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire, is holding a series of weekly e-lessons to help you polish up your presentation skills.

Beyond Bullet Points (BBP) is a research-based method of communicating that helps you effectively persuade, inform and educate your audiences. It's a lot more than having pretty and flashy PowerPoint slides - it's about finding the clear and compelling structure that cuts through the clutter and helps audiences connect with your message.

The BBP process is described in detail in the the book and is put into practice daily in organizations, workshops and on the community website BBP Online.

Cliff is an acclaimed writer, popular keynote speaker, and an independent consultant to leading attorneys and Fortune 500 companies. He designed the presentations that helped persuade a jury to award a $253 million verdict to the plaintiff in the nation's first Vioxx trial in 2005. Cliff's bestselling book Beyond Bullet Points (Microsoft Press, 2007) was named a Best Book of 2007 by the editors of Amazon.com, and it expands on a communications approach he has taught at many of the country's top law firms, government agencies, business schools and corporations, including Sony, Toyota, Nestlé, Nokia, Nationwide, Deloitte, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Intel, Microsoft and the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal.

Check out Cliff's blog.

Read the Los Angeles Times article about Cliff and the BBP approach here. (PDF/100k)


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