I. M. Wright podcast: “Your World. Easier.”


Doesn’t I. M. look like the kind of guy you want some life hacks from? Here’s the opening of his opinion column for developers this month:

“During difficult economic times like these, people tend to whine less about common complaints that now seem trite. Mostly, I'm relieved not to hear how much e-mail is in Ingrid's Inbox, how Brian broke the build again, and how Suresh's service schedule slipped successive sprints.

However, it's during difficult days that we should patch plaguing problems. When are you going to be more motivated to mend malignant maladies? Surely, no additional alliteration is advisable.

A surprising number of common issues can be solved using two simple techniques—single-piece flow and checklists. There's a ton of behavioral and process theory behind why these simple methods are effective. The point is that they are effective and you and your team are less effective without them.”

You can grab a podcast of this column here.

And we encourage you to check out his book, I. M. Wright’s “Hard Code.” (The book includes numerous “Eric Asides” by Wright’s alter ego, Eric Brechner, which explain Microsoft terms, provide updates, or convey additional context. Wright’s blog does this too.)


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