William Stanek is six for six on at least one

As many of you know, William Stanek writes many books for IT Professionals and he is the series editor for Microsoft Press’s Administrator’s Pocket Consultant series. In the spirit of my earlier posts describing positive-review streaks by Dino Esposito and Sayed Hashimi & William Bartholomew, I decided to check Amazon reviews on one of William’s recent books to see if I could write a post. No kidding, the first book (the only book) I checked was Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administrator's Pocket Consultant (Microsoft Press, 2008; ISBN: 978-0735625891; 720 pages).



The first review, by D. P. Willey, starts off with a bang:

Stanek knows more about Windows technologies than anyone else on the planet. His pocket consultant guide series is incredible. If he's written a book on a subject it is where I always start my studies. He's never let me down. His books are packed with information, clear, and concise.

Here’s some more, by J. L. Katzenbach:

I must say I am very impressed by this book. William's SQL Server 2005 book was excellent, but this book is even better and packs in even more information.

All six reviews are 5-starrers. Congrats to William for creating another essential reference.

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