Trapped in an elevator, by Mark Shea

Mark works on Microsoft Learning’s Courseware Library; Melissa and I help make Microsoft Press books. I was the one holding the soup.

I spent 45 minutes yesterday in one of the elevators at Bravern with Devon Musgrave and Melissa von Tschudi-Sutton.

We went from floor 11 to 3, the door opened about six inches, slammed shut and would not move thereafter. All floor buttons were dead. The door would not open. We tried the little phone thingy…nobody there. We started ringing the alarm bell…..nobody. We started doing SOS on the alarm bell….nothing. We tried cell phones, no signal. We took stock of food supplies….4 sticks of Extra gum and a box of butternut squash soup. ***DOOMED***

We finally heard a woman’s voice and we started yelling for help. We hear from the other side, “My god Samantha, there really are people stuck.” After some fun yelling back and forth with security about where we were, they decided to call an elevator technician. 20 minutes later, they let us out.

Moral of the story: Never forget that it’s all Beta. 🙂


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