Advanced 2007 Office System User? A Contest For You…

Microsoft is reaching out to advanced users of 2007 Office System to bring awareness and highlight some of the advanced options and extensibility. Here’s part of the announcement.

Microsoft is launching an outreach effort to the Advanced Business User of its 2007 Office System. Running from April to May, 2009, it will showcase the automation and extensibility aspects of Office 2007 through macros, custom Visual Basic of Applications (VBA) coding, and Office Open XML. The effort is a collaborative one highlighting both existing and newly-created content on Microsoft Office Online, MSDN Microsoft Office Developer Center, and Microsoft TechNet Online.

As part of this outreach, MSDN will sponsor a coding contest for Office 2007, named OfficePalooza! This contest will run two weeks beginning April 20, 2009, and features ten fun VBA coding challenges in the form of puzzles and games. Each entrant will earn a chance to win one of hundreds of available prizes, determined by a random drawing at the end of the contest.

Author of Advanced Microsoft Office Documents 2007 Edition Inside Out, and Microsoft Office MVP, Stephanie Krieger will be writing a series of articles based on her popular book as part of this program.


Some articles available now

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Using VBA to Control Built-In Office 2007 Commands

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  1. Thanks so much for the post, Sandra!  Since you posted this, a couple of additional articles from this project are now published as well – so just wanted to add those links …

    Troubleshooting Word 2007 Documents More Easily Using VBA:

    Using VBA to Access Document Content in the 2007 Office System:

  2. If you’re an advanced user of Office 2007, or maybe you want to test your Office 2007 skills, don’t forget about the upcoming contest starting April 20. As mentioned here

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