This weekend’s bits and bytes; enjoy.

Thanks to the Computer

you write a bad poem and you just
press the "delete" key and watch the
lines vanish as if they had never been,
no ripping pages out of the typer,
balling them up and tossing them into the

the older I get the more I delete.
I mean, if I see nothing in a work, what
will the reader see?

and the computer screen is a tough judge,
the words sit back and look at you,
with the typewriter you don't see them
until you pull out the

also, the keyboard on a computer is
more efficient than that on the
typer, with the computer the thoughts
leap more quickly from your mind to your
fingers, to the screen.

is this boring?

but I won't delete it because it isn't boring

I am in love with THIS MACHINE

see what it can do

now let's get back to


Charles Bukowski

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