“Introducing Windows 7” Learning Snack

Learning Snacks are short, interactive presentations about popular topics created by Microsoft Learning (our mother org) experts. Each Snack is delivered by using Microsoft Silverlight technology and includes various media, such as animations and recorded demos.

Check out this new snack on Windows 7: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/_silverlight/learningsnacks/win7/snack01/Default.html

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  1. Dean says:

    Silverlight SUCKS because this is yet another plugin / addon that will suck up hard drive space and slow the pc down

    And it does NOT work in firefox and that pisses me off !!

    Stop inventing new crap like silverlight and vista

    and start using what is already out there like flash, flash works and you can save videos on the hard drive until you got time to see them

    oh and silverlight is slooooowwww, need a high end pc to even see the video clips

    GOD, what is wrong with you people !!


    is that clear enough for you ?

    Doesn’t any smart people work at microsoft ?

    oh.. right the smart people are smart enough to stay far away from you…

    …yet another bullet in the foot…

    you really know how to fail BIG

    bah waste of time to even try to talk to you

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