Speaking of streaks: Dino is eight for ten

Dino Esposito’s latest book, Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (Microsoft Press, 2008; ISBN: 9780735626096;464pages), co-written with Andrea Saltarello, was published in October 2008 and is on a tear at Amazon: eight 5-star reviews and two 4-star reviews.



Of course it’s the content of the reviews that matters.  Here’s a favorite snippet, by Raghu Rudra:

In the era of online documentation, this is one of the few technical books that I read from end to end. Thoroughly enjoyed it while occasionally referring to Martin Fowler's P of EAA book.

Another favorite, by Rafal Buch:

I've been following Dino Esposito's work for some time, and as usual he delivers great content in a clear and concise (and often humorous) manner. I am only half way through it, and even if i was to stop here, its already a worthy buy.

And one more, by Oleksandr Novosad:

Author's use of common English language and easy-to-use explanations really stands out in this book. As a developer, I feel that I've gained a tremendous amount of new understanding of architectures from this masterpiece.

Dino is a masterful writer of technical content. His latest book is another in a long string of such examples, and it will help you make smart architectural decisions up front and control project complexity. Enjoy, and then utilize, this pragmatic guidance!

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