I can’t resist: Sayed and William are now four for four

And the reason I can’t resist is that the fourth Amazon review of their Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build (Microsoft Press, 2009; ISBN: 9780735626287) is, yes, another 5-star review but also not to be missed. The reviewer, Mohammad Jalloul, is a Microsoftie (like me); Sayed and William are not. Make sure to read it for yourself, but let me quote a bit of Mohammad’s review. Here’s his opening:

One of the problems I have noticed with Team Build adoption is that there were no good books covering Team Build in practical detail. The MSDN documentation is not adequate. Early adopters really relied mainly on Buck Hodges and Aaron Hallberg's blogs (and more recently Jim Lamb's). You could find a chapter or two in books covering TFS or VSTS, but not enough practical information to enable you to jump in and start using Team Build in real world scenarios and integrate it into your company's or project's development process.

In fact, this lack of resources on Team Build also resulted in a lack of good tools leveraging Team Build 2008's capabilities that have not been exposed out of the box. This actually was what prompted me to release the Buddy Build tool on CodePlex (http://codeplex.com/buddybuild) to help fill in one of those gaps, in particular the one related to buddy builds and gated checkins, prior to their appearance as first class citizens in TFS and Team Build 2010.

And here’s a bit of the close:

There is currently no book that comes even close to covering the topic in such detail and with such immediate practical impact. It delivers the best bang for your buck, easily. Quite frankly, I never imagined that such a book will actually come from someone outside of the Raleigh-based Team Build team.

In between you’ll find lots of interesting details.

Thanks, Mohammad, for your thoughtful review. We hear your hints about a follow-up book. 🙂


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  1. I am also interested in a V2!

    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

  2. Steven St Jean just posted a review of Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation

  3. In late March , the last time we checked in on Amazon reviews of Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using

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