MVP09 has come to a close…

…and the twitter-stream from the summit has been amazing.

Search for #mvp09 at, click back through six pages, and you’re still witnessing only the last five hours of that stream. (Reminds me of a friend’s very old motto for an early web venture: “At play in the streams.”)

And this tweet just in:

#twopular: @saraford is now the top retweeted person for trend '#mvp09':

With all that play, that’s no small feat, Sara!

We couldn’t agree more with DPSJ:

DPSJ: MVP comment - keep Patterns & Practices funded and going. Couldn't agree more. #MVP09 #WMMVP

And more agreement, to all the Twitterers at the summit!

amyrc: @LBugnion Loving your updates from #mvp09. It's almost like I was there...

dougt: #mvp09 to all the MVPs, I'm sure it sounds like a broken record, but I hope you do realize how much you are appreciated. Seriously. Thanks.

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