Microsoft Press E-Reference Library

I am excited to introduce the Microsoft Press E-Reference Libraries!

E-Reference libraries powered by Books24x7 are now integrated with Learning Plans & Learning Manager with single sign-on using Windows Live ID.

MS Press’s E-Reference solution provides immediate online access to hundreds of Microsoft Press books, including the latest releases, along with a powerful search tool that enables you to find the right answers to your questions (including code samples) and chapter downloads so you can read the content offline.

Each E-Reference library features:

  • Immediate access to reference information—wherever you are.

  • Instant access to Microsoft Press books—including the latest releases.

  • A powerful search tool that enables you to find the right answers to your questions.

  • Chapter downloads, so you can read the content offline.

The following individual subscriptions are now available:

  • The Complete E-Reference Library (US$249.99 per year, equivalent to $20.83/month) - A combination of all Microsoft Press E-Reference libraries offered as one library for all audiences and levels. This is the ideal solution for businesses and individuals that require a wide range of reference content.

  • IT Professional E-Reference Library (US$149.99 per year, equivalent to $12.49/month) - The best Microsoft Press IT professional reference materials, including Administrator's Companions, Administrator's Pocket Consultants, training kits, resource kits, and the Inside Out series, and resources to help you prepare for your next Microsoft Certification exam.

  • Developer E-Reference Library (US$149.99 per year, equivalent to $12.49/month) - Microsoft development tools, best practices, related technologies, and other outstanding developer reference materials.

  • Desktop E-Reference Library (US$49.99 per year, equivalent to $4.17/month) - Resources about Microsoft Office and Windows for power users, business professionals, and home users. This library includes many popular series, such as Inside Out, Step by Step, Plain and Simple, and Business Skills.

Watch a great Video Overview of the E-Reference Library.

Enterprise Customers: Learn how your company can subscribe to E-Reference libraries.

Comments (15)
  1. MSDN Archive says:

    Very informative post, Rosemary! I didn’t even know all this.

  2. Richard Zegers says:

    I subscribed to the "Complete e-Reference Library for Microsoft Press" back on 03-02-2009 and have yet to gain full access.  I only show that I have the “Desktop Reference Library”.  I have contacted so many people trying to resolve my issue I’m considering a RDBMS for tracking who I’ve contacted and when etc.  Is anyone aware of others having this type of problem?  I’ve made numerous emails and phone calls without a resolution. Thx

  3. Hi, Richard,

    I am not aware of anyone having any issues, but will check around and get back to you, hopefully with a solution.


  4. Javier Garcia says:

    Guys, there’s a way to view the books inside the library?

    I want to have full access but only if I see the books for certification (70-432  / 70-433)


  5. Javier, the Training Kit for 70-432 is, but the TK for 70-433 isn’t there yet. It should be soon. I’ve been trying to get an exact date but don’t have it yet.

  6. Bernie C says:

    I purchased the library and now all I see is a link in My Learning that sends me to the E-Reference Overview page.

    What do I do now?

    How do I get access to Books24x7?

  7. Bernie C, You can call (800) 636 7544 or email and someone will help you.  Let us know if that doesn’t work.

  8. JD says:

    I also purchased the E-Reference library and still am unable to access the books online. I can only get to the E-Reference Overview page that has a purchase option. It has been almost three days and over 5 emails and 10 phone calls. The email support is entirely useless. I normally don’t complain, but this is just rediculous. The best option I"ve found has been to contact billing support and they contacted someone else in another support dept with my purchase ref number and my passport login id ref number. They are supposed to get back to me withing 24 hours. It’s been over 24 hours now and I’m still waiting to get access.

  9. JD, write me at devonm [at] microsoft etc.  We’ll get to the bottom of your issues.

  10. Herman Irawan says:

    I have just purchased subscription of e-reference for IT Professional with the following reference ID Reference #62d166f0-d90b-48b1-a182-863b8d1198db.

    However, same as other comments above, I can’t access the library. It keeps go to overview page with the subscription price.

    So far, I have checked that all payment status all cleared. Since I need this material quite urgently, can someone please help me? I have also emailed with the same subject.

    PS: I am in australia so calling support centre is not preferable option at the moment.

  11. Herman Irawan says:

    All, just updating my status. has replied and activated my account. It is now working as I expected. Thanks for Devon and e-learn team for the effort 🙂

  12. Lawrence Garvin says:

    There is nothing in this post, or in any of the links from this post, or in any of the pages from the links from pages of this post that links to a BUY NOW option.

  13. Drat, the four links in the main column on this page — — are where you can sign up, but those four links are all broken at the moment.  We’re working on it; thanks much for the prompt!

  14. Charles Rayner says:

    I have tried to purchase "E-reference library for desktop users" – $49.95 but the link does not work.

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