About the authors: Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008 book Devon just mentioned will be on the bookshelves soon. To say that these authors are qualified is to dramatically understate their talents! 

Itzik Ben-Gan has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP (Most Valued Professional) since 1999! Itzik is cofounder of Solid Quality Mentors. He has written several books and many articles and white papers. You'll find him traveling the world, delivering training and speaking at some of your favorite events such as TechEd and DevWeek.

Lubor Kollar is a Group Program Manager in Microsoft Corp, where he has been working in the SQL Server development organization since 1996. Lubor is the "insider" who can provide a unique perspective. He leads the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT), sharing the lessons learned through some of the world's most challenging SQL Server deployments.

Dejan Sarka is an MVP and an experienced SQL Server trainer, mentor, and consultant. Dejan focuses on developing database and business intelligence applications. An experienced author and speaker, you may have heard Dejan at one of you favorite events, such as PASS or SqlDevCon.

Steve Kass is a SQL Server MVP and a professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Drew University. In addition to his teaching, Steve is an author and guest speaker at SQL Server events and user group events.

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