Introducing John Bruno, co-author of Solid Code

Just a quick note pointing to John Bruno’s first post on the Windows Mobile blog. As a Program Manager on the Windows Marketplace team, John is responsible for the developer-focused features of the product. John, along with Donis Marshall, is also one of the authors of a new Microsoft Press book, Solid Code, which should be in stock online in a day or two. Solid Code is intended to update Writing Solid Code, by Steve Maguire, which won the 1993 Software Development Jolt Productivity Award, a great result in a year in which these were the Jolt winners:

  • Code Complete by Steve McConnell (Microsoft Press)
  • Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with Applications, Second Edition by Grady Booch (Benjamin/Cummings)

We’ll have more from John about Solid Code later this week.

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