Lynn Langit hearts developer events in February!

Lynn, author of Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, will be speaking/presenting eight times over the next two weeks. Don’t miss her.

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  1. hi we are trying to get Lynn’s attention on a detail from her course, can you help, the question is as follows…

    Hi Lynn, I took your ssas course, followed the instructions as closely as possible and have a question.

    I have a number of dates that participate in a role playing scenario on the DimTime table generated by the wizard.  One of them in particular is an accounting date that sometimes makes sense to show as a dimension at the same time as other dates.

    When we use excel 2007 to pivot, all we see in the top heading  of this and other dates at the same time is the word “Year”.  There is no distinction as to what year each hierarchy represents.  Only the person who dragged the date to the row or column area knows for sure.   The interesting thing is that the list from which we are dragging definitely “knows” which year is which.

    So I guess the question is “are we doing something wrong”?  Maybe the follow up is , “should we tell our users they’ll have to type something more descriptive in those cells when pivoting dates”?  

  2. We want to provide an etl for our company and i want to ask about ssas and ssis that supports a concept of business modeling or not like talend software

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