Update from Mark Russinovich about Windows Internals

Mark last blogged (I believe) about the book in September – that is, about the coming fifth edition of Windows Internals (Microsoft Press, 2009). Here’s a new update from Mark:

We’re coming down the stretch toward the finish line on Windows Internals, 5th edition! 12 of the 14 chapters are complete, we’re sending the networking chapter to technical reviewers shortly, and the update of the final chapter (from the writing, not table-of-contents perspective), “Memory Management,” is well underway.

More as it comes from Mark (and David Solomon and Alex Ionescu).

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  1. Awesome! I’ve had this on preorder from Amazon for almost a year now.

  2. Yes, almost there!  Don’t forget editorial work, layout, proofing, indexing, etc., however.  I’m guessing May for "in stock."  

  3. …by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon, with Alex Ionescu (Microsoft Press, 2009). Microsoft Press now

  4. Luigi Bruno says:

    Go Mark! We’re waiting for you!

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