Introduction: Joanne Lin

Hello all. 🙂  My name is Joanne, and I am an evangelist at Microsoft Learning.  Soooo, what exactly does an evangelist do here, one would ask...  Well, I will say I am an passionate advocate for technology and the learning of it, books, e-learning, classroom learning, whichever way you find fit for you.  In my day job me and my team (see blog: Born to Learn) work to come up with ways, programs and offers to get the learning to our communities, the MCP community, the MCT community, and, of course, the reader and author community.  I like to try new things - just installed Windows 7 a couple weeks ago (and loving it!).  My latest "victim" is Twitter.  I am wondering how Microsoft Learning and Microsoft Press may benefit from using it.  Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

I joined Microsoft over a year and a half ago after I finished grad school from University of Washington, and am totally enjoying what I do now. 🙂  Let me know what you like to see happen, and who knows, you may just get what you wish for...

Talk to you soon.

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